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Green “Halkidikis” olives are table olive variety grown mainly in the area of Chalkidiki, Kavala, Serres and many beaches of northern Greece. This variety is large – shaped and the average fruit weight is 6 – 10 g or more (100 to 165 pieces / kg). The fruit shape is asymmetric, ovoid, elongated with a nipple at apex. These olives are used exclusively for the production of Spanish – type green olives.The fact that they have a firm skin and come in big sizes is the reason why this is the most common Greek variety that you can find stuffed with ingredients such as garlic, almonds or red peppers. Finally, very recently (05/2012) the Chalkidiki olives have also obtained PDO status.

Green “Amfissa” or “Konservolia” olives are an excellent quality Greek table olive. The Konservolia from Amfissa which is grown in the plain of Amfissa near Delphi, in the central mainland of Greece and which enjoys a PDO status is probably the most famous table olive of the Konservolia family. These olives are spherical and even though they can be harvested green, they most commonly come as black with the colours varying widely from light purple, to brownish to very dark purple or black.

Green “Nafplion” is a small green olive grown only in the Argos valley in Greece. Nafplion olives are traditionally cracked and cured in brine.


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