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The company olives TRIPSAS SA founded in 1991 by the merger of small Greek enterprises, which operated from 1952 at regional level the production of table olives.

The long experience, tradition, knowledge and love for the product have recognized the company as unique processing and packaging of table olives.

The TRIPSAS heads the processed and packaged olives thanks to its ability to combine specialized knowledge, resulting from the long tradition and experience.

With the aim to interpret at best the tastes of all its customers, Tripsas continues to focus its attention on products of quality and also on new and original flavor combinations.

Constant innovation mixed with the pleasure to create new recipes assures that the company’s offer is always vast and diverse

The objective of Tripsas, for over 60 years on the National and International market, is to consolidate the Greek market and grow on the International market, continuing to assert its leadership and expertise in the "Fresh" olive sector.

This is thanks to the ability to be at the forefront from a technological point of view while at the same time maintaining "craftsmanship" in the processing and packaging of its products, which has always distinguished it from other companies.



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